Competent Citizen is a Shareholder 2

In 2014, “Compass” research, training and consultancy center” NGO with the support of ”AD Sakharov Human Rights Protection Center” implemented “Competent Citizen

is a Shareholder” project. As a result of the implemented research in the frames of the project, some problems relevant to condominiums were raised and some proposals were made. The majority of the identified problems were related to the structure and composition of the incomes and expenditures related to condominiums. According to the survey, the structure of the income and expenditure related to condominiums needs a serious financial examination, which will reveal the abuses and shortcomings as well as the unused potentials and possibilities of the condominiums. There is a need to draw the attention of the members of condominiums especially on the financial component, so that residents will be aware of the formation of the incomes and expenses and be able to demonstrate consistent control over it. The aim of the “Competent Citizen is a Shareholder 2” project is to increase the financial-economic efficiency and transparency of condominiums and increase the level of control of the population over condominiums. The findings, conclusions and proposals of the research will be briefly presented in booklets and then 2 public discussions and a 3-day seminar covering financial performance and social control mechanisms will be implemented.