From village to the global market

Agriculture, as a type of business, demands not only industrial activities, but also strategic planning, marketing, selection of the appropriate managements principles, which often are ignored

by entities who run agricultural business . Ignorance of such important points have negative financial results. ””Compass” research training and consultancy center“ is implementing «From village to the global market» project with support of Youth Foundation of Armenia. The aim of project is to promote employment and quantitative and qualitative growth of agricultural activities in 30 villages of Shirak region by connection of producersand consumers. The project is aimed to create relationships between rural economy and rural products’ market. This will be achieved through analysis of agricultural products’ sales’channels and through increasing access to that channels. As a result, product sales guarantees will be provided to producers, product sales network, new customers and markets will be established, as well as the production will be planned, and separate communities will specialize in the production of certain agricultural goods. All these will promote agricultural activities which is the main type of employment in rural communities.
The project will be implemented in several phases. As a result of cooperation with ShirakMarzpetaran, 30 villages will be chosen, which havecertain specialization in the production of specific agricultural products. After it, visits to communities will be implemented and the information about agricultural products produced in communities will be collected:available amount, the estimated price. And these datawill be uploaded in the web-site, where each village will has its own profile.
Online marketing activities will be implemented for promoting products’ sales. Moreover there will be search system in the web site, and each interested person will be able to find goods, contact to producers and buy whatever he wants.
Theproject «From village to the global market» is implemented in frames of RA president’s grant for NGOs and Calls for Project Proposals announced by Youth Foundation of Armenia.