“Assessment of Gyumri’s investment climate”

““Compass” Center launched the research project “Assessment of Gyumri’s investment climate” with support of Gyumri

During the Soviet UnionGyumri was the second largest city and industrial center in Republic of Armenia. It created about 10 percent of theRA GDP. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union and in accordance with various objective and subjective factors Gyumri’s industrial companies stopped working or continued working using small part of their capacity. The project research team’s preliminary studies show, that Gyumrihas huge potential to improve investment climate and attract new investors and investments. The objective assessment of that potential and effective use its results can lead to new investments, as well economic development in Gyumri. The research project proposal “Assessment of Gyumri’s investment climate”was drafted by “Compass”center’s researchers’ team. The project is directed to the comprehensive research of citiesinvestment climate and suggestions for improvement of it. The research isaimed to explore, analyze and evaluate investment climate and promote to the city development through recommendations and improvements.
Based on the different methodologies,Compass Team developed unique methodology for assessing the investment climate of Gyumri. Regarding the recommendations,proposals for legislative changes to improve the investment environment will be developed and provided to the responsible authorities.

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