Competent Citizen is a Shareholder

Management of 1,526 apartment buildings of Gyumri is done by 23 condominiums.

It’s no secret that the biggest parts of statutory powers of condominiums are not realized because of partial collection of means. In addition, there is a high level of unawareness among people about their rights and the use of funds.
Considering above-mentioned problems, Compass Research, Training and Consultancy Center NGO with the support of AD Sakharov Human Rights Protection Center and ASUE Gyumri branch, implements “Competent Citizen is a Shareholder” project, which is aimed to promote the efficiency and transparency of condominiums and increase the level of confidence of the population towards condominiums. Financial-Economic examination of condominiums of Gyumri was done within the project.
The presentation and public discussion of the results of financial-economic performance of condominiums in Gyumri and current issues in the sphere, took place on December 19th, at 14.00 at the ASUE Gyumri branch.