Gyumri Youth Policy Development and Implementation

The aim of the Gyumri youth policy development and implementation project is to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life of youth and the solution of their problems through needs based local youth policy development and implementation.

The target of the project are Gyumri youth, formal and non formal youth groups, the youth departments of regional administration and local government, mass media.

The project will be implemented during 6 months. Experts and field-related stakeholders will be involved in the project. Expert team will be formed, which will collect data from the field. Afterwards, alternative scenarios of youth policy will be developed and a three day forum will be organized. During the forum the planned scenarios of youth policy will be presented to the youth who will discuss the suggestive paper and come up with new ideas. After the forum the experts will prepare the draft of the youth policy within a month, which will be sent to expert review.  After the expert review another forum will be organized that will aim to finalize the policy and memorandums of understanding will be signed. Gyumri Youth Policy will be presented to the local authorities’ approvement and inclusion of the policy in the 4 year development plan of the city.

As a result of the project Gyumri will have local youth policy validated from the youth field and recognized by the local authorities and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, which is the state authorized body.

The continuity of the program will be achieved through the implementation of the Youth Policy by the Gyumri Municipality.

The main partner of the project is the “Gyumri Youth Council” expert team, which aims to further develop the youth work in Gyumri as well as youth policy spheres.

The visibility of the project will be ensured from the beginning of the project and will be carried out through the whole process.

The dissemination and use of the project results will be ensured by introducing the Gyumri experience in other communities of Armenia through development of youth policy and approval from the local government.