Program to support migrants in Armenia for reintegration in the labor market

Within the framework of the project Target Initiative for Armenia funded by the European Union

and implemented by the office of Immigration and Integration of France and having the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia as a social partner institution of the project, the provision of support to migrants returning to Armenia has started with the aim of contributing to the process of reintegration in the labor market. The Shirak region partner organization for implementing this project is Compass Research, Training and Consultancy Center NGO.
Within the framework of the partnership, support in forms of acquiring professional knowledge and skills in different fields of economy (ex. Metalworking, Construction, Food Sector, Pharmacy, etc.) is provided through organized trainings for returned migrants who will stay in Armenia. Within the framework of the project, the organization is free of charge trainings, support for finding jobs, social and legal consulting, and informational support is offered.