Suggestions for the Development Plan of Gyumri

The process of working on the city of Gyumri’s Development Plan proposal for 2017-2021 began in October, 2016. “Compass” Research, Training and Consultancy Center NGO presented structural and content-related suggestions in the following spheres:

33 suggestions out of 36 submitted by “Compass” were fully or partially accepted as a result of which respective changes and additions in the 2017-2021 Development Plan were made.

The accepted structural suggestions regarded increasing participation in the governing processes, supporting the innovation and IT spheres, attracting investments, developing tourism as an important sphere of city economics, branding the city, expanding cooperation with the sister cities as well as annual monitoring of the Development Plan.

Garbage disposal and sanitation unit suggestions were about the methodology of the placement of garbage cans in Gyumri, the absence of lights near the cans, the absence of regulations for the city dump, sanitation issues in the apartment buildings, green areas, effective methods of organizing city cleaning, etc.

Suggestions to include in the Condominium’s section included the financial planning of condominiums, projects aimed at increasing the level of trust towards condominiums, the development of methodology of financial-economic activities, identification of means of accountability, as well as new approaches to involve financial resources.

In the Communal and Environment Protection section were accepted suggestions related to the efficiency of city lighting, the distances between the light pillars, electronic monitoring of the pillars, etc.

The Gyumri Youth Policy Concept developed by “Compass” Research, Training and Consultancy Center NGO and the Gyumri Youth Council was accepted in the Culture and Youth section of the Plan.