The Project of the Register of Electors for Referendum on Constitutional Reform

Compass Center conducts a project on the analysis of the register of electors for referendum on constitutional reform.

The aim of the project was to contribute to the prevention of the possible violations during the Constitution referendum scheduled on December 6th, 2015, through the identification of the possible repetitions of the names of the people having the right to vote in the register of electors. To achieve this goal, the project team first of all analyzed the published lists and entered them into the database.Simultaneously, a software application was developed by the expert-analyst that enabled to process and analyze the data entered. After entering the data into the system, it is possible to see the repetition of the people with the same names, surnames and middle names. After receiving the list with repetitions, it will be possible to compare, as well as to get clear information on where, in which electoral districts those were repeated. This also identified people whose names are registered in one electoral district with the ID cards and in the other electoral districts with the passport. After entering data for every 30 percent, a regular report will be prepared and publicized and at the end the final report will be released. The results will be published in a digital infographic form, which will include data about possible double voting cases and other disclosed information. In the frames of the project two press conferences will be held to publicize the mid and final results. The results will be published on the Internet in all possible ways. In addition, the results will be sent to all official state bodies and interested representatives of civil society organizations.