You domain the facts, you domain your rights

“Compass” research, training and consultancy center” NGO with the support of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs implements “You domain the facts, you domain your rights” project. The aim of the project is to raise the level of awareness among Gyumri university students by means of transferring research skills to them. For raising the awareness among students, there is no need to directly inform them about the laws and regulations, but transfer necessary skills, which they will use to discover and evaluate the logic and foundations of the laws and legislative acts.
On the other hand, for protecting one’s rights there is a need for building their own judgments based on facts and reliable results. So the best way of raising young people’s awareness is the collection of evidence of their own research and studies on various social issues. For this purpose, Compass center is implementing a research contest among two groups of 7 participants from two universities in Gyumri. First of all the participants will be provided with the necessary research skills and then with the consultation of the experts will carry out the research. During the final phase of the project, the participants’ reports will be presented in the tender procedure. The jury will chose the winner team, whose work will be published in one of the scientific journals. The research topics will cover social issues and those relevant to young people’s rights. The best participants will have the opportunity to attend courses abroad.